What is a Master of EducationA Master of Education degree generally focuses on teaching students the skills necessary to provide instruction, develop curriculum and possibly manage other instructors. Students may choose to focus on specific subjects within the field, such as early childhood education or post-secondary instruction.

Students pursuing Master of Education programs will learn about developing curriculum and using it effectively. The program emphasizes the need to perform as an effective instructor when dealing with students. It may also require courses in psychology and classroom administration. The coursework may also include educational research, public service and social work.

This degree is beneficial to students who wish to work in the field of education, whether they have their sights set on teaching, counseling or administration. Generally each program is 30 to 45 credits and students may be able to take online Master of Education programs if they are unable to physically go to class on a set schedule.

How To Find The Top Master of Education Programs

It is important to find a degree program that suits individual needs. The best Master of Education degrees will be those that encourage students to view instruction and curriculum in a new way. The program should incorporate different elements of education to create well-rounded course requirements that will truly serve students as they graduate and begin to work in the field of education.

It is a fact that some programs are simply better than others, especially when it comes to varying subject matter. Whether students are looking for physical programs or the some of the best online Master of Education degree programs, there is no reason to settle for anything less than the best. Attending one of the top accredited schools can lead to better career prospects.

Vanderbilt University, located in Tennessee, is home to the Peabody College of Education and Human Development. This program emphasizes the need for students to have hands-on experience. The Graduate School of Education at Harvard University is another solid choice. Austin’s College of Education at the University of Texas features seven academic departments and community outreach projects.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Master of Education Degrees

Master of Education salaries tend to differ across the board, as there is such a wide variety of careers graduates can choose from. One of the most popular Master of Education jobs is teaching. Teachers often start out making $40,000 a year, though education and experience can help increase this. Job outlook differs from place to place, but it is a safe bet for many students. Students are often required to obtain additional licensure and certification before working. Some educators choose to focus on special education students who may have, for instance, visual impairments or learning disabilities.

Students should focus on finding Master of Education careers that they are best suited for. Some graduates find they are not cut out for teaching, so they pursue administration. Administrators provide leadership and direction to school staff members, often speaking to the public and preparing budgets. Obtaining a Master of Education degree is certainly a great way to become established as an educator, counselor or administrator.